Implantable Bionics Laboratory


Current therapeutic practice for facial nerve paralysis (FNP) involves the fitting of a gold weight on the affected eyelid to force it to close and hydrate the cornea with tears. In most cases remaining muscle function allows for the opening but not the closure of the eye. Moreover, eye closure is not synchronised with the contralateral eye, and is often incomplete.

BLINC includes research and development of an implantable actuator, a surgically-implanted ‘sling’, externally-supplied power and triggering system, and a network of smart sensors to synchronise the eye closure with the contralateral, healthy eye.

Prototype devices have established proof of principle. The next steps include robust testing in vitro and in vivo to demonstrate appropriate device longevity, safety and efficacy before proceeding to pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Facts on the BLINC project

Research programs

This project encompasses a wide range of studies including: