Implantable Bionics Laboratory

People at Implantable Bionics

Academic Staff

Name Position Email Research Area
Prof. Gregg Suaning Project Leader implantable bionics and neuromodulation
Dr. Alejandro Barriga Rivera Post-doc
Dr. Lilach Bareket Post-doc Neurotechnologies, Nanobiomaterials, Biosensors, Electrochemistry, Biotechnology, Flexible implanted and wearable electrodes
Dr. Marc Patrick Zapf Post-doc Image Prosessing, Simulation and Virtual Reality, Bionic Eye

Professional Staff

Name Position Email Research Area
Mr. Jin Yu Biomedical Engineer Bionic Eye, Silicone Technology, Laser Technology
Mr. Phil Preston Senior Technical Officer Electrical Engineering, Lab management
Ms. Silvia Duo Biomedical Engineer Bionic Eye, Cochlear, FEA, Laser Technology

PhD Students

Name Email Thesis Topic
Greg Watkins Cochlear Implant Sound Processing
Steven Zheng Psychophisics of Prosthetic Vision

Thesis Students

Name Email Thesis Topic
Grant Kelly Modelling Electrical Stimulation of Novel Electrode Arrays for the Bionic Eye
Stephen Chung Three Degree of Freedom, Automated Test System for Radio Telemetry Assessment in Implantable Bionics
Zack Artist Encapsulation and Accelerated Age Testing of the Phoenix 686 Bionic Eye Prototype